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Terms & Conditions

Note: We'll charge a flat shipping/delivery rate per order of Rs. 300

Shipping Address: We'll deliver only at the address specified by you at the time of purchasing. We'll deliver your order at your doorstep (main entrance of your address only).




We reserve the right to change the prices of our products anytime.  Without any prior notification, we may change it. We encourage you to stay updated. We'll charge you only the prices posted on our website. These prices do not include taxes.




We charge you only at your doorstep (cash on delivery). Soon, we'll develop a system for you to pay us online.


Shipping and Handling:


We're responsible for arranging the shipment of the products you purchase at our website. We try our best to ship the products you purchased within the given time you mentioned.

It happens sometimes that a thing you ordered is not available in the whole market. We're not responsible if the product is unavailable in the market. We'll, however, provide you an alternative for the product you ordered before shipping it to your place.


The customer is responsible for any loss or damage once the products delivered to them at their doorstep. We'll not be responsible for any loss/damages to the products once delivered.



Changes and Cancellation:


You can ask for modification/changes any time prior to the delivery. Once the products delivered at your doorstep, we'll not change the product.




If you cancel any order and we've shipped that order to your address, then the delivery boy will charge 300 (PKR) shipment fee. Why? This fee includes the payment of packaging of all products you requested, petrol consumed, etc. You have to pay that fee.