Milk matters: But is your milk safe?

You’ve certainly seen the milk-mustachioed celebrities featuring milk ads daily on Pakistan’s TV channels:

“Roz roz Good Milk Jiya karo” (Live good milk daily)

Why there is so much emphasis on milk? Obviously, these ad campaigns are only to sell more milk. But these ads have been remarkably successful. Do not take it as a wild guess: One out of every five Pakistani rupees now spent for food in Pakistan for the purchase of milk and dairy products (as they account for 22% of the whole kitchen expenses), where packaged milk is only 6% of the total milk consumed. This tells us a rotund reality that the dairy industry is a big business.

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Top Kitchen Styles You Need to Nail in 2017

Kitchen layouts and styles are two separate things. As we have discussed in our previous article, layout determines where things need to go to be efficient. Styles result when you create a visual statement. Developing a style usually involves choosing specific colors, textures, and lighting. Your kitchen styles can either shout or whisper. It all depends on the elements you choose.

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Snack Attack: Pakistan’s Best Street Foods

You can get every conceivable kind of food in Rawalpindi streets at just about any price. We all know about those fancy four- and five-star restaurants that may cost you heavily, but not much about the street foods that cost you less for an excellent meal. These street snacks provide today’s always-on-the-go Rawalpindi diners a scrumptious, mouth-watering, and easy pick-me-up.

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Fast and Frozen Foods in Pakistan: Who is Ruling the Roost?

With the country now on high alert for a deadly avian flu pandemic and cooking the meat of a dead animal, a horse or a donkey, Pakistanis are now extremely demanding that meat and chicken they put on the tab is healthy. That’s great news for entrepreneurs eager to reinvent the poultry and meat industry. But who is ruling the roost? Let’s just enter the smaller scale competitors.

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Top Five Restaurants in Rawalpindi

Let’s face it: if you want to taste a true Pakistani meal that stretches blissfully over several courses, you can do just at the restaurants in Rawalpindi listed here. Each has all the ingredients of an excellent dining spot—fantastic cooking and pocket-friendly prices—and creates the kind of experience that lingers on in your memory after you finished your dish. This article only intends to make you feel comfortable about dining in Rawalpindi restaurants so that your experiences are pleasant and memorable, as well as delicious.

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Top 4 Scrumptious Salad Sandwiches for Your Midday Meal

Need to grab a quickie lunch? There’s something so rewarding about salad sandwich. Imagine a midday meal that you love actually loves you back. In other words, after devouring a satisfying lunchtime meal, you’re full of energy, ready to take on the second half of the day. This article is full of salad sandwiches that undergone dramatic health revolutions while maintaining their only-one-of-its-kind flair and scrumptious flavor.

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Top Five Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy

Being a parent is a remarkable experience, no doubt. The moment your little bundle of joy arrives, you suddenly morph into a provider, a full-time caregiver, and a nurse all in one go—quite scary, to put it mildly. Along with the dirty nappies and the restless nights, you’ve fevered brows to mop and big questions to answer. How can you make certain that your baby is getting the right nutrients he needs to grow big and strong and disease-free? What can you do to reduce the risk of sickness? If your child becomes sick, who should you go to? The list of questions is endless, but this article narrows it down to the ways how you keep your child healthy.

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